Smile for the camera...

Hi there! Ready to get started? Awesome!

To answer your first question, what does Smile Identity do? We verify people's identities using biometrics.

Let's elaborate. How we work is by verifying an ID number. A valid ID number will return a user's personal information from an official Government Authority Datasource, including an ID photo. With that photo, we can compare it to a photo provided by your user on their end. This is what we call the Selfie.

A term you're going to hear a lot is "Selfie" - a photo taken of oneself by oneself.

With just a Smile we can verify your user's Identity.

Why we do what we do? Have a look yourself:

smile, and unlock happiness

Smile Identity provides you with tools to not just know your customer but to trust them

Let's go. Sign up here and Happy coding! 😁