Smile Identity

Is there an API I can query to check the status of an ID authority?

If you have received a result code of 1015 during an ID Validation request, you may wish to re-submit that request later once the ID provider has come back online. While we can't say for certain whether a provider is up or down at any given moment because we don't control their system, we can provide you with our most up to date information about them. In addition to the ID API Status page in your Smile Identity dashboard you can access that information programmatically.
POST https://[env]
Where [env] is either "portal" or "prod"
The information returned is the same. The env variable here is to denote which api key you are using to authenticate the request.
JSON request body:
'partner_id': '<Put your partner ID here>',
'timestamp': <Put the timestamp received from generate_sec_key() call here>,
'sec_key': '<Put sec_key received from generate_sec_key() call here>',
'country': '<country>',
'id_type': '<id_type>',
'environment': <'test' or 'production' to indicate which api key was used>
Example response:
"last_checked": "2020-05-21T20:39:56.173Z",
"last_check_status": "success",
"last_hour_success_rate": "75%"
The information returned will be what we know from the last hour of monitoring the service. last_checked is the timestamp of the last request to the ID provider. last_checked_status is whether the last request was a success or a failure. Because sometimes we experience intermittent downtime we also provide the last_hour_success_rate.