Getting Smile ID Super Powers

Smile Identity offers a variety of Services ranging from KYC services like ID Verification to Face Recognition. Our products set comprises of an API and Mobile SDKS. Our API can be integrated either purely using RESTful web services or using one of our server libraries.

Smile Identity Products enable you to perform a variety of Actions. Actions range from Validating an ID Number, to Comparing a Face to an ID Photo provided by a Government ID Authority, to checking for Proof of Life during customer on-boarding.‌ Some Actions can be performed by themselves. Most actions are performed in combinations. Actions are performed using Jobs‌. A Job is an instance of an Action or a combination of Actions performed on images and/or other data. Jobs are a useful tool to combine and perform multiple Actions at once. Jobs are a short cut for you to accomplish your objectives. We categorize Jobs by a Job Type. Job Types represent sets of commonly combined Actions.

Before You Start Development, First, decide on which Actions you wish to perform Second, choose a Product (integration method) that supports those Actions. Finally, have your developer run Jobs to perform the relevant Actions.

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