Exchange Rate

Smile ID operates across many different markets. For easy accounting, our prices and your wallet balances are denominated in US Dollars. For the currencies we currently support, we fix the exchange rates (against the US Dollar) each quarter.

Smile Identity reserves the right to adjust these rates at any time. If you make payment via any of our accepted Payment Options in any currency other than US dollars, your wallet will be credited in US dollars based on the then applicable exchange rate listed here. All transactions you run will also be debited in US dollars.

Current Exchange Rates as of April 15, 2020

Nigeria: ₦380 = $1

Kenya: KSh105 = $1

NOTE: We review and update these rates quarterly.


Prior Exchange Rates (Jan 1 to April 15, 2020)

Nigeria: ₦360 = $1

Kenya: KSh100 = $1

NOTE: We review and update these rates quarterly.

You will be notified whenever we change the exchange rate

For all supported currencies, the credited amount is converted into US dollars in your wallet at the time and date of purchase with Smile Identity. Your existing balance is always based on the USD rate at the time of purchase. We will not mark downwards or upwards your existing balance to market rate even if the exchange rate changes. However the amount displayed in local currency may change as the exchange rate changes.