When determining the scope of your project start here to see where Smile Identity will fit

1. What are you trying to perform - Job Type

First things first, you need to choose the job type. Job type is an important concept to understand. Before moving forward go through our product breakdown, especially Jobs.

If you're performing a KYC look at the available ID types and the types of user information you get from each of them.

Try out SmartCheck™ to know what to expect

You will need to sign up for an account to access the portal for SmartCheck™.

2. Where will it be performed - Mobile/Web/REST

Our Mobile SDK documentation is here Android SDK. Our Core Libraries are what would sit on the server-side of your Web integration. Our ID Verification service offers a simple text-based ID query/lookup action that can be performed using an HTTPS Request using our REST API.

3. Get the Results - Callback

Based on the job type you need to understand our results. Results are asynchronous which means you need to set up a callback to get the user information at the government authority associated with their ID Number and the final result after human review.


The result received by the SDK is only provisional and requires the callback to retrieve the final result. Find the distinction between provisional/final/ID verification results here.

Only Mobile and Web require setting up of callback.

4. Production

Once you are happy with your integration you can repeat this process when switching over to production.