Monitor account activity and usage

The Dashboard is where you can monitor overall activity and look into specific Actions or Jobs.

The totals display the three most common Actions:

  • User Registrations (previously Enrollments),

  • Authentications, and

  • ID Validations

From the Dashboard you can also Run a Job in the Browser without writing any code or doing any integration. More on that here.

Everything in One Place

Click on "Download Breakdown" to get a CSV with data on all Actions and Jobs during the selected period.

The download shows Actions by Job ID, and includes:

  • Date

  • Job ID

  • Job Type

  • Final Result Code

  • Final Result Text

  • ID Result Code

  • ID result Text

  • Amount (USD) -- the total Price for that Job

Use the CSV to track your usage and spending

Note: Depending on your browser and operating system you may need to edit the date format in the CSV to see things in your local date format (i.e. dd/mm/yyyy).