How do I install the mobile SDKs

The mobile SDKs are available on Mavern Central for android and Cocoapods for iOS

What is the size of the android SDK

The android SDK is about ~12MB in size however this is the size before everything is packaged correctly. The android build system uses ABI targeting as mentioned here this is effective in delivering payloads to devices getting only what the device needs , the SDK is compiled to target 4 ABIs

  • armeabi-v7a ~1.9MB

  • arm64-v8a ~2.6 MB

  • X86 ~3.1MB

  • x86_64 ~3.9MB

So in the end the user does not download the whole SDK but only what the device needs to function. This is automatically done if the distribution format is app bundle which google highly suggest however if using the apk distribution method a simple script can be added to build.gradle as mentioned here and below is an example that will produce apks sized correctly with abi targetting

android {
splits {
// Configures multiple APKs based on ABI.
abi {
// Enables building multiple APKs per ABI.
enable true
// By default all ABIs are included, so use reset() and include to specify that we only
// want APKs for x86 and x86_64.
// Resets the list of ABIs that Gradle should create APKs for to none.
// Specifies a list of ABIs that Gradle should create APKs for.
include "x86", "x86_64","arm64-v8a","armeabi-v7a"
// Specifies that we do not want to also generate a universal APK that includes all ABIs.
universalApk false

What is the size of the iOS SDK

The iOS SDK is a xcframework which targets arm64 devices and x86_64 simulators and the total size of the SDK is about ~26MB , however when shipping the SDK is about

  • For real devices ~17.9MB

  • For simulators .~8.3MB