Smile Identity


This is a summary of the Smile Identity SDK mobile integration options

Integration Options

  1. 1.
    Native Android SDK (Kotlin/Jave) current version 7.3.24
  2. 2.
    Native IOS SDK (Swift/Objective C) current version 2.1.26
  3. 3.
    React Native current version 0.0.38
  4. 4.
    Flutter 2 current version 0.0.36
  5. 5.
    Flutter 3 current version 0.0.9


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    Before attempting integration head over to the Smile Identity Portal and sign up for an account
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    On the Smile Identity Portal download a config file from here (DO NOT SHARE THIS FILE WITH ANYONE OUTSIDE YOUR ORGANISATION) You can download your Smile ID config file again at any time and do not edit the contents of this file.

Main Mobile SDK Components

Regardless of which integration method you choose the SDK has the below mentioned main components, everything else stems from these main components


This is our signature selfie capture component that is optimised for our backend processing of images, it's the best option for capturing images which produce the best results. This has a range of image checks like light checks, blur detection etc which are all effective in capturing the best images for the final processing on the backend.

Document Capture

This is a view which is best at capturing images for documents and will perform a range of checks like face detection, light checks and blur detection to make sure we have the best images for the final backend processing

Job Submission

This is a network layer related functionality which is responsible for all captured on device information to the Smile Identity Backend for processing. This also will deliver results to your integration method as returned by the Smile Identity Backend.

Demo App

The Android SDK Demo app is available on our Smile Identity Portal and once signed up you can download an apk here. This demo app is a sneak peak into the Smile Identity SDK functionality only on android and is not exhaustive of everything the SDK has to offer.