Known Devices Information
Our smile SDK is used on a wide range of markets and so the library works on a large range of devices from the low end of the spectrum to high end ones

OS Versions

    Our library supports minimum API level 15 (Android 4.0.3)
    When using support library maximum supported API level is 28 (Android 9)
    When using AndroidX maximum supported API level is 29 (Android 10)

Supported Android Application Binary Interface (ABI)

The Smile SDK supports 4 main android ABIs as listed here and it is important to make sure if you are having issues that device's CPU is in one of the following categories


The smile SDK has been tested on the following devices, if a device is not included in this list it does not mean that it is not supported it means we haven't run internal tests on the device
    Tecno Camon CX
    Tecno POP F3
    Tecno F2
    Tecno Y2
    Huawei P 30 Lite
    Pixel XL for android 10 we recommend the androidx SDK the support library has issues as per google android documentation
Last modified 4mo ago