ID Verification

Please note that the ID API class is available in versions >= 1.0.1.

Copy this code and replace sections marked with <>

submit_job method

Your call to the library will be similar to the below code snippet:

decoded_version_of_api_key in the sample code below must be striped of the BEGIN and END line and the rest needs to be all on one line

try {
PartnerParameters partnerParameters = new PartnerParameters(<String user_id>, <String job_id>, <Integer 5>);
// Note: you may set the optional parameters for the specific ID Type to null.
IDParameters idInfo = new IDParameters(<String firstName>, <String middleName>, <String lastName>, <String country>, <String idType>, <String idNumber>, <String dob>, <String phoneNumber>);
IDApi connection = new IDApi(<String partner_id>, <String decoded_version_of_api_key>, <Integer 0 || 1>);
String response = connection.submit_job(partnerParameters.get(), idInfo.get());
} catch(Exception e) {
throw e;

Example Response Body

Your response will return a JSON String containing the below:

"ResultType":"ID Verification",
"ResultText":"ID Number Validated",
"FullName":"John Doe",

You can find example of other ID type responses here: ID Type Full Data

ID Verification Result Codes:






Invalid ID


Unsupported ID Type and/or Country


Error - Queried Database Unavailable


Product Activation Required