An API that lets you performs basic KYC Services including verifying an ID number as well as retrieve a user's Personal Information


ID API requires you to input an ID number (and sometimes other inputs depending on country and ID Type) and returns a result to tell you whether the ID number was validated along with a set of personal information on that ID number from the relevant ID Issuing Authority.

Before you move into Production on ID API you will need to Complete a KYC Check for your company. You can do that in one of three ways. Either:

  • Validating your own ID by clicking Run a Job in the Portal and completing a Job Type 1 with your personal information, OR

  • Download our Mobile Android SDK and complete a Registration/Enroll with ID using an ID Number from Nigeria, Ghana or Kenya, OR

  • Contact

ID API performs the following Actions from our KYC Services.

  • Verify an ID Number

  • Return Personal Information associated with that ID Number

Click here to find the full list of currently supported countries and ID types with required inputs for validation. ALL of the ID Types require ID Number to be entered for an ID Validation, according to the formats found under Supported ID Types. In addition, several ID Types require additional inputs to complete a Validation.