Adding the library

In the info.plist add the following values in the Information Property List

Property Name

Type Value

Privacy - Camera Usage Description


“Used to take a selfie or id card photo”.

Privacy - Location When in Use Usage Description


“To all Smile ID to access your location.”

App Transport Security Settings Allow Arbitrary Loads



Go to Build Settings -> Build Options and set Enable Bitcode to NO Set the Build Architectures as shown here :

Add the Smile_Identity_SDK.framework to the project. Open the project Target, General tab, and drag the framework file to the Embedded Binaries section.

When building the app, make sure that a valid device is connected.

At the top of any class in the app, that uses the sdk, add this line : import Smile_Identity_SDK

To add the CaptureIDCardVideoPreview, do the same steps as above, but set CaptureIDCardVideoPreview as the Class. Remember to to add it as an outlet, and name it previewView.