Manual Capture

  1. In the storyboard, add a UIView to a ViewController Scene. Create an associated IBAction that calls the CaptureSelfie object’s manualCapture() function. This will tell the CaptureSelfie object to perform a manual capture on the next captured frame. For example :

    @IBAction func btnManualCaptureClick(_ sender: Any) {
    captureSelfie?.manualCapture( isManualCapture:true )
  2. Override the viewDidLoad function and add the following line. This is so the button is hidden until the CaptureSelfie has started capturing frames.

    btnManualCapture.isHidden = true
  3. In the viewDidAppear function, which was overridden in a previous step, add the following line:

    btnManualCapture.isHidden = false