User ID Validation

Create a SIDUserIdInfo object with the User’s ID information:

func getIdInfo() ->SIDUserIdInfo{
let sidId = SIDUserIdInfo()
sidId.setCountry(country: "Kenya")
sidId.setIdType(idType: IdType.NATIONAL_ID)
sidId.setIdNumber(idNumber: "00000000")
return sidId

Make sure to set the SIDConfig Object’s UserIDInfo Attribute to the SIDUserIdInfo object using setUserIdInfo

let sidConfig = SIDConfig()
sidConfig.setSidNetworkRequest( sidNetworkRequest : sidNetworkRequest )
sidConfig.setSidNetData( sidNetData : sidNetData )
retryOnFailurePolicy: getRetryOnFailurePolicy() )
sidConfig.setUserIdInfo(userIdInfo: getIdInfo())
var partnerParams = PartnerParams()

Ensure you remove all instances of CaptureIDCard and replace it with EditTexts for User Input