Physical ID Card Capture

In the layout file associated with your SIDIDCardCaptureActivity class that will capture the id card, add a SurfaceView. The surface view is used to set up a CaptureIDCard View component, a Camera Preview specifically designed to detect an ID card.

mCameraPreview = findViewById(<SURFACE_VIEW_ID>);
mCaptureIDCard = new CaptureIDCard(this,
$UNIQUE_TAG,// <= This should match the tag used for selfie capture and should be unique per job

The CaptureIdCard View is used by tapping the camera preview in order to capture the photo of the physical ID card. Once a the Camera has been tapped you hit the onCompleteListener. CaptureIdCard View is designed to detect a face on the ID card. The onCompleteListener will inform you whether a face was detected, you will have the option to continue if a face is not found or request the user to try capture the ID card again.

public void onComplete(Bitmap idCardBitmap, boolean faceFound)

The onCompleteListener also provides you with a Bitmap of the Physical ID card photo taken. Which can be used in an ImageView to show the user a preview of the image captured, or can be sent to your internal servers.

The SDK is aware of the image using the $UNIQUE_TAG , this is used to find the image in the phone's storage in order to send to Smile Identity.