What is your product overview?

Are you interested in basic KYC Services via ID validation?

Then ID API is the way to go! https://docs.smileidentity.com/products/core-libraries/restful-integration/id-verification ID API is a REST API that lets you verify an ID number as well as query personal information associated with that ID number via an HTTP Request. It can perform basic KYC Services, including verifying if the ID number that you provide exists, as well as retrieving a user's personal information from the regulatory database.

Are you interested in making use of facial recognition coupled with ID validation?

Then your answer is Web API : https://docs.smileidentity.com/products/web-api Easily integrate our Web API libraries on your server to verify an ID number; query personal information associated with that ID number and perform facial recognition on selfies that have been uploaded, and finally validate a user’s identity against the relevant ID Issuing Authorities. These are just some of the things you can do with Web API.

Are you interested in checking the liveliness of the image captured coupled with ID validation?

Your best bet is our Mobile SDK: https://docs.smileidentity.com/products/mobile-sdks The Mobile SDK is a native mobile solution to perform ID Validation Actions coupled with Face Recognition as well as Liveness Detection. Our Smart Selfie camera captures images in such a way that our technology and human reviewers can determine the liveness of a user so to avoid fraud and it’s available both in Android and iOS.