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For any queries or issues, please contact: [email protected]

Smile Identity support hours are between 06:00 and 15:00 (GMT) Monday to Friday for any S3 and S4 queries. S1 and S2 critical issues are covered as follows:

Support Definitions | Time to first response

Support SLA S1 Critical Business Impact

Support SLA S2 Significant Business Impact

Support SLA S3 Minimal Business


Support SLA S4 Non-system


Partner's use of our service is stopped or so severely impacted that the Partner cannot continue to operate. Examples are : System is down, hanging or crashing. Data loss or data corruption, Critical functionality not available

Important product features are unavailable with no acceptable workaround. Partner's operations are functioning with limited capabilities or are unstable with periodic interruptions. Our service may be operating, but is severely restricted. Examples are : Product errors, Severely degraded performance, Functionality unavailable but the system is able to operate in a restricted fashion.

Some product features are unavailable but a workaround exists and the majority of software functions are still useable. Minor function/feature failure. Partner has minor loss of operational functionality. Examples are : Error messages but with workaround, Minimal performance degradation, Incorrect product behavior with minor impact, Questions on product functionality or configuration during implementation

Minor issues or questions that don't affect the product function or Partner's current operations - such as requests for documentation, documentation, general questions, or enhancement/feature requests. There is no impact to product usage or customer's operations

24 hr support including weekends & public holidays < 1 hour TFR (time to first response)

24 hr support including weekends & public holidays < 4hours TFR (time to first response)

Mon - Friday Support 06h00 - 15h00 GMT < 6TFR (time to first response)

Mon - Friday Support 06h00 - 15h00 GMT < 8 TFR (time to first response)

ID Authority downtime can be tracked via the portal in the ID status page

Please make sure to refer to the documentation before contacting support.