Job Types

The Type tells you what it does

job_typeis the classifier that tells Smile Identity what kind of Job you are running. Each job type is numbered so the system knows what set of Actions to execute.

The most common job types are:

  • Register a face with an ID (Job Type 1, previously "enroll," via Web API or SDK)

  • Authenticate a face (Job Type 2, via Web API or SDK)

  • Validate an ID (Job Type 5, via either ID API or Web API)

Most other job types are variations on one of these three types, and some use different configurations.For example, you may wish to send a job that requires a higher threshold to be approved. In order to do so, you would use one of the variations. You may supply an optional job_type parameter to the auth_smile endpoint. Similarly, when you implement your own auth_smile endpoint, you can return alternate values in the partner_params.

All valid job types are listed below. Any value for job_type that is not in the following list will result in an error preventing the job from running.

Valid Job Types:



Register with ID






Register without ID



ID Validation


Update Photo


Each job_typecan be configured to run under a Normal Configuration (default) or a Strict Configuration. All jobs check for possible spoofs. The strict configuration will fail the job if a possible spoof is detected without going to human review.

Partners can also request a Custom Configuration. A custom configuration could allow for higher confidence levels for higher value transactions or human reviews triggered by specific circumstances.