Products are the Smile Identity software integration methods.
  • Server to Server API

    • REST API A REST API that lets you both verify an ID number as well as query Personal Information associated with that ID number via HTTP Requests.

    • Server Libraries A client library used for server side integrations that lets you verify an ID number, query Personal Information associated with that ID number and perform Facial recognition between customer photos. Easily integrated with just 3 lines of code.

  • Mobile SDKs A native mobile solution to perform our ID Validation Actions with Face Recognition as well as Liveness Detection. Available in:

You can access all our Services through our products. Each product can perform a range of actions seen below.

Smile ID Product Breakdown

Not all Products support all possible Actions. When You Start Development, First, decide on which Actions you wish to perform Second, choose a Product (integration method) that supports those Actions. Finally, run Jobs that perform the relevant Actions.