Results Pages (Smile ID AI)

Smile Identity Artificial Intelligence

Results pages provide a visualization of any Job. The results pages for a job can be found by clicking on that job in the Job List.

The Results pages have four quadrants: Image Data

(top left)

If a Selfie is provided by a use it will appear here. If there is an ID photo it will appear here. If there are two images then these are the images used in machine and human comparisons and they will both appear here. In the case that a user provides an ID photo it will appear in the ID Data section, but if it is used for comparisons it will also appear here in the Image Data section.

Job Metadata

(top right)

This includes Job ID number provided by Smile ID, User ID, time/date, device source of the job and the Result Code for the Job.

Smile ID AI

(bottom left)

This includes the full list of Actions performed and the colored heat bar with Confidence Values for any image comparisons.

ID Data

(bottom right)

This is two tabs, the first is the ID Authority Response (if available) and the second is whatever ID information the User Provided.