Batch Mode

There is a batch mode for uploading multiple enroll user tags. To start batch mode, add the lines shown below. Note that for batch mode the call to for a specific user tag is not done. That is because for batch mode all of the tags are automatically added by the sdk instead.

Batch mode is only possible if the client is in enroll mode when capturing selfies for each user tag, and also when starting the batch upload.

If the client is not in enroll mode when starting the batch upload, the

sidConfig.submitAll function will throw an SIDError. The SIDError message is “Unable to batch upload enroll tags. Not in enroll mode.”

If another type of error occurs when the batch mode is running, the sdk will retry uploading the remaining tags in the batch. Tags that were successfully uploaded previous to the error would not be retried. The batch is retried a maximum of 5 times.

let sidConfig = createConfig()
try sidConfig.getSidNetworkRequest().submitAll( sidConfig:sidConfig )